Sunday, November 18, 2007

Words of Encouragement

As I was out and about visiting other blogs today, I came across a post over at The Not Quite Crunchy Parent blog which reminded me of all the words of encouragement we received and still do receive on Gus' Caringbridge site. MC Milker has written a post called "Caring Through CarePages" about how she has been lurking around one that has been set up for a child who has leukemia. This little guy goes to preschool with her child.

I can't even begin to tell you all how encouraging it was to us to find out that we had received comments. Some were short and to the point and others were long...all were refreshing and gave us so much love. Just that fact that someone had checked in on us was encouraging.

So, if you are ever at a CarePage or Caringbridge page, please be sure to leave a comment. It doesn't matter if you actually know the person or not. In fact, that is exactly how I met Judi, Grayson's mom...she had commented on Gus' page after he had died and we started corresponding. So, don't have to really know the family to spread God's love and encourage one another.

I challenge you this week to find a Caringbridge or CarePage site and just leave a comment. Some pages are private, but there are plenty of ones out there that are not. Of course, you can always visit some of the kids we have listed in the sidebar.

You really can make a difference....

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

With Much Sadness

I just got an update from Jon's caringbridge site with the information that he has died. Folks, we need to really just bathe this family in prayers right now because I can't think of a harder thing to go through than the loss of your child. I also know that the presence of the Lord during a time like this can be very evident and can give great peace. Though saying goodbye to Gus was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I did feel that peace that goes beyond understanding and that is exactly what I want for this family...for Jon's mom, dad, well, his whole family because I know that they are all feeling his absence right now. I have included a photo from a family vacation...these are a few of the people that need our prayers right now. Of course, you can see Jon right there in the front.

May the God of Peace and Love bring comfort beyond measure to this family and may this comfort last until we all are reunited with our children in Heaven.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Jon Needs Prayers

Jon is in need of our prayers. He was in an accident after work on October 29th. According to his Caringbridge site, he fell off of a moving golf cart and hit his head. Currently he is in the has been a hard day and there have been some changes in his condition that may mean a different treatment plan.

Not only do we need to pray for Jon, but we need to pray for his family too. Those of us who have dealt with things like this know all too well how stressful it all is. I will be praying for the Peace and Calm that only the Lord can bring....

You can keep up with Jon over at his Caringbridge site.