Monday, April 09, 2007

Quilts for Kids

Grayson with his quilt

One thing that we do at Gus' Gang is create and send quilts out to children who are chronically ill. It is our privilege and honor to pray for the specific child as we are making the quilt especially for them. If you would like for us to send a quilt to a child, please e-mail me! We make these quilts and send them to the child at no cost.


annie said...

That is so great Jenny!
If you ever want to make Iz a quilt, feel free ;o).
I love that you pray for them while making it.
There is a lady on the parents of near drownings support group (yahoo) that makes quilts too. She has a waiting list a mile long.
I love that you are doing things in honor of Gus, like this blog "Gus' Gang"
♥ Annie

Anonymous said...

Well isn't he cute? :)

He loves his Gus' Gang quilt. It is a necessity here.