Saturday, February 17, 2007

Meet Isabelle!

Isabelle is a sweet little girl who is a "near-drowning" victim. She attends school and just this past week she took some really neat Valentines to her classmates! I can tell that she has a wonderfully attentive mother and family. I found the following quote from Isabelle's blog to be so sweet and touching:

Isabelle is so healthy, she is so beautiful and she is so sweet. She is a little doll. I feel like an expectant mother, waiting for the birth of the baby. I am waiting and expectant that she is going to blossom and that she is going to do great.

There's so much I don't know about near-drownings and what therapies there are to help these people. I am looking forward to keeping up with everything going on with Isabelle and her family and I know that we all can learn from their experiences! So make sure you visit Isabelle's blog and don't forget to add her to your Prayer List.

Here are a few sites I came across that you might find helpful:

  • Article at The Doctor Will See You Now I found this article to be helpful in explaining the basics. I'm sure that there are other sites that are more detailed.
  • HUGS Foundation This is a support group for families with children who have nearly drowned.
  • Article at

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Lauren Myers..Resting in Jesus' Arms

Please join me in praying for the family of little Lauren Myers. She died this past Monday morning...she was only 16 months old. Lauren's grandmother, Betty, is one of Gus' Gang's supporters. You can read her obituary and leave your condolences here. Even if you do not know this family, encouraging words are aprreciated. I can't even begin to tell you how many "strangers" sent us messages when Gus died...they all meant so much to us. So, please don't be shy about signing guestbooks....

Valentines Heaven

Valentines...... To Heaven

This Valentine is not of the ordinary kind,

Its still filled with love...and blessings inside;

But mine has to be sent on the wings of love...

You see its destination is the Heavens above.

Its not being sent to my parents so dear,

For they are still with me each day of the year;

Its being sent to my child...who left earth so soon,

Who's now in the Heavens with the stars and the moon.

The message is the same as your valentine,

"I love sweet precious child of mine;

My love is still deeper than the ocean is blue,

And its sent with hugs and kisses...from me to you."

"I know you are with me each and every day,

You listen as I talk to you...and hear what I say;

For that is one thing that disease cannot do......

you'll always be apart of me...and me a part of you."

"I know God did not give you the awful disease,

Thank Him for His comfort He gives me...would you please?

I dont know what I would do without His undying love...

Sent to bereaved parents from the Heavens above."

"I know you are in the best of care,

But it's so hard for us left on earth to bear;

Could you put in a request from us left behind...

For God to send the a cure we can find."

"So that no other family has to go through this pain,

Our lives without you will never be the same;

When I get lonely I will look to the sky at night...

And see you shining down your big bright light."

"Happy Valentines day sunshine...I miss you so much,

I know you know how many lives you have touched;

You'll always be mine...I love you with all my heart,

I know we be together again...and then we'll never part."

So you see the meaning is still the same...

The method of delivery is the only change;

Mine must be sent by a little white dove...

On the wings of Love.

Author~ Laura/Heavenly Lights Childrens Memorial
Love~ Claire (Mommy to Laken in heaven)

Monday, February 12, 2007

Prayers for Damon!

I am so excited!! I received a letter from Damon's mom this past week...and they have set up a Caringbridge site for Damon!! WooHoo!! Damon and his family will be traveling to Pittsburgh at the end of February for a clinic let's keep this family in our prayers. I hope that I can post a photo of Damon really soon because he is such a cutie and you all need to see him! He has a swirl on his hairline...swirls make me melt! All my kids have a swirl..we call them "tornadoes"!! Click on over to Damon's Journey and leave a is so encouraging to get comments!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Preemie Hat With Kanzashi Flower

I am so addicted to my Knifty Knitter blue loom....and I'm also addicted to making these kanzashi flowers! I first saw the kanzashi flowers over at One Hour Craft and I loved them. I'm trying to figure out how to make the flower detachable so that it can be added to the hat...or not. I don't want to use a pin back because it's a preemie hat. It will come to me....

I wish I could fix that little...skinny...petal there on the left!

Here's what I've made so far. Jake has made five I believe.

Blood Donations...

Yesterday, Pete and I donated blood. We do this every three months. Gus received a gazillion blood transfusions before he it's important to us to donate. We truly appreciate the others who have donated. Also, we really enjoy visiting these gals that work the blood mobile..they are a hoot!! Frankie was able to catch my roly-poly vein quickly which was a huge blessing! lol!!

Pete donating blood.

This is Frankie "staging" the donation....I finished quickly this time!

Gus' photo of him getting a blood transfusion was used at the sign-up area. It made me smile!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Friday, February 02, 2007

Prayers for Joel's Family

Please visit Joel's Journey and read about a sweet little boy that bravely fought Stage 4 Neuroblastoma. There are many wonderful posts that glorify the Lord through this huge trial. I will be praying for Joel's family and I ask that you do the same. Visit Joel's Journey and leave encouraging words for this grieving family.

This is from the St. Jude's website...

Current Research:
  • Basic scientists continue to investigate what factors cause neuroblastoma cells to form in the first place.
  • A new anti-neuroblastoma antibody is currently under production at St. Jude to provide an additional tool to destroy residual microscopic disease.
  • We are also investigating new ways to remove tumor cells contaminating the bone marrow by using drug combinations or laboratory methods to filter out the tumor cells.
  • New treatments with drugs that inhibit cell receptors (on-off switches on tumor cells) or cause cells to undergo differentiation (maturation) are under evaluation in early clinical trials.