Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leah Rose

Meet Leah Rose! She is a spunky 4 year old we are going to be praying for here at Gus' Gang. A geneticist at Shands Hospital in Florida has diagnosed her with Freeman Sheldon Syndrome. Her mom has put together a ton of information for us at her blog so instead of explaining the syndrome here, I'm going to send you over there!

I look forward to getting to know Leah Rose and her mom and I also look forward to praying for them. Please join me!

The Dying Child by Hans Christian Andersen

We've been reading a good little story by Hans Christian Andersen called What the Moon Saw. As I was doing some research about this author, I came across this poem that really touched me....and yes, made me cry. It's the last stanza...the image of an angel kissing my sweet Gus just brings tears to me...good tears though. He is sorely missed....

The Dying Child

By Hans Christian Andersen.

Mother, I'm tired, and I would fain be sleeping;
Let me repose upon thy bosom sick;
But promise me that thou wilt leave off weeping,
Because thy tears fall hot upon my cheek.

Here it is cold: the tempest raveth madly;
But in my dreams all is so wondrous bright;
I see the angel-children smiling gladly,
When from my weary eyes I shut out light.

Mother, one stands beside me now! and, listen!
Dost thou not hear the music's sweet accord?
See how his white wings beautifully glisten?
Surely those wings were given him by the Lord!

Green, gold, and red, are floating all around me;
They are the flowers the angel scattereth.
Should I have also wings while life has bound me?
Or, mother, are they given alone in death?

Why dost thou clasp me as if I were going?
Why dost thou press thy cheek so unto mine?
Thy cheek is hot, and yet thy tears are flowing!
I will, dear mother, will be always thine!

Do not sigh thus – it marreth my reposing;
But if thou weep, then I must weep with thee!
Ah, I am tired – my weary eyes are closing –
Look, mother, look! the angel kisseth me!