Thursday, May 25, 2006

Five for Friday...Grayson

Here's five pictures of the always cute Grayson! Grayson has been doing well lately...not so fussy. He has had some meds changed and this seems to be making a huge difference. Please continue to pray for Grayson and his family...they are still dealing with his hemangioma.

Look what a big boy Grayson is...holding his head up like that!! who doesn't want to scoop this little guy up and cover him with "sugars"??

I wonder if Grayson's big sister Olivia was around...I bet so because he's got a good grin going!!

This is Grayson's hemangioma. You can see why it would be tough to deal with...nonetheless, he and his mom are troopers and they are doing what's necessary to make him comfortable. He continues to have laser treatments for the may be necessary in the future.

Judi....Thank you so much for allowing me to post pictures of is a privilege to do so! Grayson's mom and dad have entered the blog world with their very own blogs...go visit them when you can!

Mommy of Two

That's No Hill For A Climber

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