Monday, July 03, 2006

Meet Grayson!

Isn't he just the cutest little fellow?? He looks so squeezable!! Grayson is a "26 weeker" who started out weighing only 1 lb. 12ozs.!! Preemie babies quite often experience a lot of different complications...Grayson is no exception. Reflux has been an issue for Grayson and he and his family need prayers for his healing. There's a lot of "work" that goes into taking care of a baby with reflux...there are several different medications and usually a gazillion different formulas have to be tried. Grayson's mom is dedicated to taking excellent care of him but I know from experience that this lifestyle can be quite prayers for Grayson's mom would be nice too!! He also has a hemangioma which can be very painful...pray also that this heals soon.

Grayson's Prayer List:

  • Reflux situation alleviated

  • Hemangioma healed

  • Rest and Peace for Grayson's family

Here are some links about hemangiomas:

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