Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Prayers for Stephanie


Stephanie's surgery went very well and she is now recovering at home. She will have her bandages changed every two weeks. Thanks for all the prayers for this sweet little girl and her family!!

Stephanie has a rare condition called Arthrogryposis...it is a condition that affects her joints and muscles. This Friday, September 29th, Stephanie will be having surgery to shorten her left leg and to re-align her leg and foot. The natural growth has caused her leg to turn inward and her foot has rotated to the point that she is unable to place the bottom of her foot on the floor. Right now she has the nifty walker that you see above...and let me tell you this girl can fly! This walker has given her great mobility but hopefully the surgery will bring her much closer to walking without assistance. Please also pray for her family as she undergoes this surgery...anyone who has had a child go through surgery certainly knows how stressful it is...and if you haven't had a child go through surgery then just take my word for it!!

Thanks for your prayers and I'll update after surgery....

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