Monday, November 27, 2006

Damon Hiett

We shared a room with the Hiett family while we were in Pittsburgh for Gus' transplant evaluation. They are such a nice family...we all left there with the knowledge that our little guys were going to be placed on the national transplant list. When Gus died, for some reason I just assumed that Damon had probably died too. I guess I thought that because the majority of people die awaiting transplant...but...I got a call from his mom the other night and he is doing great! This was such good news! Damon has had a procedure called STEP (this link will take you to a live surgery..if you so choose!) to lengthen his small bowel. His liver is doing great! So if he continues to do well with the STEP and his liver numbers remain good then he may not need transplants! That would be fantastic!! So, let's all pray for this to happen for this little guy and his wonderful family. Hopefully I will have a picture of him soon!!

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