Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I keep on going back to flipping through FOX...CNN...MSNBC. My heart is so burdened for the parents of the students who were killed at Virginia Tech. I'm almost a year into grieving the death of my son, Gus, and I know it is something I will feel until I am reunited with him. It just makes me sad to think about all the moms and dads who are just beginning this journey. People tell me that grief gets easier...I think it changes but doesn't really become easier...just different and the first few weeks after your child has died are tough. No matter how your child dies, it is shocking. One minute they are here and then the next they are gone. Gus was chronically ill and awaiting a transplant so we knew there was a possibilty that he may not survive...I can't even wrap my mind around one of my children being murdered. So sad...I'll be praying.

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