Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Gus!


Henry Larsen Doriot


January 18, 2005 - May 31, 2006

I am happy!

I am happy that I got to meet Gus. I’m happy that I got to see his precious smile and his flirtatious ways. I’m happy that I was able to capture very expressive moments with my camera so I can continue to share Gus with others. I’m happy that we got to bring him home where he could interact with his siblings in a normal atmosphere. I’m happy that he would wiggle to get out of the arms of whoever was holding him when he saw me come in the room. I’m happy when I remember his fascination with a new plaything. I’m happy when I think about the special kind of communication we had since he was deaf. I’m happy when I think about how much he loved to get his central line dressing changed because of the smell of the chloraprep. I’m happy because he was such a complete joy to take care of and I’m so happy that he is mine!


Pam said...

I am happy that you shared Gus with us. I think of his beautiful wild hair every day, and those captivating eyes.

Happy Birthday you sweet little boy, how lucky you are to be celebrating with Jesus.


Pam and Rhett

Momma said...

Happy Birthday precious one.

Crys said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Gus! Your legacy lives on and your story continues to touch the lives of so many.

Christine said...

Thanks for sharing! What an amazing little one with one amazing family. Your story means so much.

Donetta said...

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Son with us. He is so beautiful as are you.

Tammy and Parker said...

Happy Birthday little one.

Thank you for sharing him with us.

Tammy and Parker

Judi said...

Jenny... Gus is beautiful. I'm glad you got so many pictures of him (tho sometimes it feels like not enough, huh?).. and I'm glad you share him with others.

We lost a baby at 36 weeks (stillborn).. she was my husbands first baby (Jordan Riley)... So hard.

Happy Birthday to Gus.. Happy birth day to you Momma.