Thursday, August 03, 2006

Prayer Vigil Friday, August 4th at 9am


Surgery went well!!

Meet Asher!! Asher will be undergoing exploratory abdominal surgery tomorrow at 9am. Please pray throughtout the day for this little guy and his family. This is a list of prayer requests from Asher's website:

  • For God to guide the hands of the entire medical staff as they perform the surgery

  • -Asher's strength for the surgery

  • -The problem to be found easily, to be a simple problem and easy to fix


  • -For Asher to be able to handle the conventional vent well during the time he is required to be on it.

  • -Asher's lungs to not be compromised in any way. If they are, for it to be minimal.

  • -For Asher to be able to switch immediately back to the bi-level vent after surgery

  • -Strength for the whole family and all who love Asher, especially Heather and Adam

  • -And pray for anything else you can think of! :)

To read more about Asher and his twin brother, Jacob, who is now in Heaven, point your cursor to Asher and Jacob . Be sure to leave an encouraging note for the family!!

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