Sunday, August 20, 2006

Urgent Prayer Request for Asher!

August 23

Asher is still fighting the infections...he seems to be getting stronger and the bleeding still continues to slow down. Please continue prayers for this little guy and his family!!

Asher appears to be doing a tad better. His CT scan showed no abcesses, however, the scan was not a full body scan so that still may be a possibilty. The doctor thinks that Asher may have CMV instead of a Gram Negative Cootie. Both are serious "bugs" to please continue to pray for this little guy. The bleeding from his ostomy has seemed to slow down too and this is great news...hopefully it's a sign that the meds are working.
Asher is very sick right now. He has a horrible infection that has been classified as a Gram Negative infection...these types of infections are really tough on a body. the doctors are still waiting for the cultures to grow out so they will know exactly what this bug is. Then they will be better able to treat the infection. There's a possiblity that Asher has an abcess where this infection is hanging out...if that's the case, then hopefully it can be drained. Gus had several abcesses drained due to the same reason so we know it certainly can be effective. Asher is also experiencing bleeding from is ostomy and this is very concerning. Please pray for this family right now...Prayer requests:That Asher will become infection-freeThat if there is an abcess it can be drainedThat the medicines are effectiveThat the bleeding from the ostomy will stopThat the family remains strong and full of faith and hope

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