Saturday, June 16, 2007

Share A Square!

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Just wanted to let all of you crocheters know about Shelly's "Share a Square" project for Camp Sanguinity which is a camp for cancer kids. I'm going to be putting together a box from Gus' Gang to send out to Shelly.

If you want to join me for an afternoon of "hooking" (bwahhahhaa!!) let me know and I'll plan a day for us! Gus' Gang will supply the yarns so there will be no extra expense for you...just the gas money to get here! lol!! I'll even make sure we have chocolates for good eats...even better yet, I'll have Jake cook for us! He's a fantastic cook!!

If you want to by-pass the "hooking" with friends, the chocolates and Jake's tasty nabs and you just want to crochet on your yourself...all lonely and such....with no one to talk to....and no can check out all the details over at Shelly's blog.

Well, actually, go check out her blog anyway because it's a gooder!!

Let me know if you want to join me.....

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