Thursday, June 07, 2007

Updates on all the Cuties!

Again...I have been a slacker...I promise to try to be a better up-dater!

Izzy continues to do very well. All of her therapies are working well and she is smiling and vocalizing a lot more. How exciting for her and her family! School is out for the summer but she will be attending a summer program! Continue praying for Izzy's complete healing!

Damon is two!!! And he got a tractor for his birthday!! I just know he was absolutely thrilled! Damon's liver numbers are looking fabulous and he now weighs 16 lbs. I am so happy with all these stats! I'm still praying for God's protection over this little guy's liver and I would love for you all to do the same!

I'm not sure why I can't fix this big ol' font...sometimes Blogger bites!

Grayson is now reading! He's like a genius or something! lol!! I've heard that he likes the ladies and has never met a stranger. Currently, Grayson is dealing with some fluid that is hanging out in his ears. He'll be going to an ENT soon so let's pray that this pesky little problem can be cleared up!

I'm sure each of these mommas would love to receive encouraging words from you all. You can visit their sites from the sidebar!

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Yay for all the gang!