Thursday, August 02, 2007

No Rejection For Noah!

It looks like Noah is NOT going through rejection and that is great news!! Praise God for that...but do continue to pray for Noah because he is still so very sick. The docs are just not completely certain what is going on with the little fellow. Let's pray that they figure some things out and that Noah's edema (swelling) goes down. He's so puffy that his little eyes are swollen shut...folks, that is so hard for a mommy to have to see so let's pray for Crystal too. Be sure to go read Crystal's complete update...

Also, don't forget Noah's big sister and his Dad.

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Lori Brown said...

Dear Jenny,
I do not know who you are but I do know that YOU ARE AN ANGEL! Thank you for having such a big heart that is full of charity. You have brought much love and support into the lives of many including my daughters (Nancy Brown and Crystal Martin)that as a mother I will be eternally thankful. Our Father in heaven answers are prayers through the help of others and I see that He keeps you very busy. Thank you for being on the Lords errand. I have encluded YOU in my prayers.
Eternally Thankful,
Lori Brown