Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top Droppers

Thanks to all these fine Entrecard folks who have been consistently coming by for a visit! These are the top seven droppers.

Easy Share ---Connie's going to be seeing Gregory H. Johnson (Major, USAF) soon! ---tons of techy stuff here, folks!
Cheaper by the Half Dozen ---read a neat story about her son
The Sewing Mom ---read about a IRL meet-up!
Old Bitty ---see a hilarious IRS sign!
Nessa's Place ---read about Nannito Bandito
Struggling Parents ---find out about natural remedies for ADHD



Mrs. Alspaugh said...

You would have to be the sweetest blogger. I love the way you do the Top 7.

My daughter is all excited about it. I am still wondering if I should be excited at all. What do you think?

Lynne said...

WOW!! Thanks for the link! I really enjoy visiting your site which makes it easy to come drop EC's!

Nessa said...

Awwwwww, My nannito is a star lol. Thank you, I read your posts every day as well, i just don't always comment. I love your concept though and frequently pass on info to friends and family who could use it.

Lloyd Lopez said...

Thanks for the link love. I really enjoy visiting your site though I'm just a lurker for most of the time.

Sue said...

I love the Sewing Mom blog too. I read hers alot. Your blog is great too! Thanks for stopping by mine earlier and commenting. Signed "Grapefruit Pajamie" - lol.

Mrs. Alspaugh said...

You ain't a bother. I fixed the linky on all 3 blogs. :) HOld one, gotta go read your email....OH I did use the linky you left me. ROFL

Scout is a little side kick now. She is afraid the screaming cat will come back.

Rene' Morris said...

Wow! Thanks! How do you do that? I keep seeing people posting their top droppers. How do I find that out?