Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trails Edge Camp

As summer is quickly approaching, I thought I would share some camps I've come across lately.

This week's featured camp is Trails Edge Camp. This camp is for children ages 5-18 who are ventilator-dependent. It's a great opportunity for these kids to meet other kids like themselves and also a time where parents can take a break and know that their child is in good hands.

Of course, like any other camp, there are tons of activities planned like horse back riding and fishing along with all the other typical camp activities! I think it's great that camps like this give children the opportunity to be be able to do things that other kids at camp are doing. They just have to do them a little differently! One thing I think is incredibly neat about this camp is that there is a tree house that the kids can go up into. They get hoisted up in a sling and harness!! Very clever!!

If you have a child who is ventilator-dependent you should check into this camp. It's located in Mayville, MI and is absolutely FREE to children and parents. See what generous donations can do!!

Let me know if you go!!


DrBurst said...

Wow, it's free that's great. Camps cost in the 1000's of dollars this days, this allows for more people to go camping. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

I have worked at Trail's Edge and it was the most rewarding experience I ever had. Completely life-changing.