Friday, January 12, 2007

Noah Steven "Crowned in Peace"

Please join me in prayer for Adrienne and her family as they say goodbye to their sweet. precious Noah. Noah's family will be taking him off life-support this afternoon...

This is from their letter on their blog..."We do not feel as though we are giving up, but rather we have been given the opportunity to give our son as a living sacrifice to God. To place Noah fully at God’s feet. No strings attached, no expectations, but a sweet gift in which we undoubtedly know God will delight."

What a beautiful testimony of the Peace that goes beyond all understanding. Please take time out to read the entries in Noah's blog and be sure to leave comments for the family. Comments are truly encouraging!

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Michelle said...

I went there from here . . .Oh MY break my heart!
I tried to share it with some friends (the ones in the deaf video) and they COULD.NOT.Watch the tribute to Noah . . . we all had wet cheaks. How do you do this? How did you get started in such a heart rendering ministry?
My aunt used to work (waaaaaaaaaay back in the day) in a hospital. She was an aid for the floor that took care of children after heart surgury. She said at that time they had to strap them down because three year olds still wanted to play, even if their hearts coudln't take it, and one of the hardest things was to come in on the morning rounds to find a child who had wiggled out of their restraints. . .dead.