Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Deaf Pilot...Cool!

I was avoiding any kind of responsibilities this morning and I came across a wonderful post that Lillie had written over at her blog A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye. It's about two people who have overcome great obstacles. Of course, I focused in one the video of Stephen Hopson because he is deaf. Gus was profoundly deaf and I found that, while he was here with us, I developed a heart for the deaf. I am amazed at these people...what heroes they are. Can you imagine for even a minute what it would be like to hear absolutely nothing?? It blows my mind...

Here's a video about Stephen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I hope that you are inspired by his "can do" attitude! I also hope you catch that there was one person, his elementary school teacher, that encouraged him...and I hope that instead of just looking at people who are "different" that we all reach out and encourage and embrace these people...and appreciate them for the wonderful gifts they are! Enjoy!

Stephen Hopson links:

Obstacle Illusions
Adversity University


Stephen J. Hopson said...


Your blog touched me to the core when I arrived at the main page. My goodness! Thank you for your kind words about my YouTube video and for passing it forward.

There are special people on this planet and that includes the likes of you, your baby, my fifth grade teacher and scores of others!

May you be blessed.


truth said...

Thank-you so much for posting this encouraging word/video. I'm sitting here with tears streaming down my face.