Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Minkee-liscious Quilts

I just wanted to share with you all these wonderful quilts that have been donated to Gus' Gang! They were made by my friend, Joy Smelser, and they are WONDERFUL....anyone who knows what Minkee is knows that I am not fibbing here! lol!! Joy has backed these quilts with Minkee and has even added a few squares to the front of some of the quilts....Minkee is soooo soft and I think the kids at the hospital will love to feel these quilts and will certainly want to snuggle up with them! Folks, these photos don't do these quilts justice...my design wall is falling down and I just am not a photographer...

Joy also made some little bitty quilts that I've been calling "Stim Quilts" which is short for stimulation quilts. These little quilts have lots of different textures on them which makes them great for the little NICU babies who are a little older and need the stimulation...there's the soft minkee, a waffle texture and satin. Just perfect!!

I am so thankful for Joy and I can't wait to share her wonderful quilts with the Child Life department at our soon-to-be open children's hospital in Johnson City. Pete and I are going tomorrow to the ER Open House and I'll be taking these with us.


Sonya said...

These are SOOOOO beautiful! I love them all! What a wonderful talent Joy has! The children who receive these are going to be so blessed!

annie said...