Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sad Update

It was my plan to post an update about Isaac Bowers...he is the little fellow I wrote about here. He and his family were awaiting heart surgery at Vanderbilt when he caught some type of infection. Pete received a call just a bit ago letting us know that Isaac had died. As many of you who have had sick children know, being in the hospital is both good and bad: good because our children are given medicines and therapies that give them a chance, but then on the other hand it's a place where germs thrive.

My heart just breaks for Isaac's family because I know how they feel and I know what lies ahead. As we have been praying for little Isaac's healing (which, by the way, our prayers have been answered!), let's now shift gears and pray specifically for the healing of his parents and the rest of his family. Pete and I will be dropping off a GUS Box when we go to the service. If you want to leave a message of condolence or of encouragement, please do so here and I'll make sure it gets to Isaac's family.

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Holly said...

Hi Jenny,
This is Holly (Shell) Garland. I have a baby blanket for Gus' Gang...could I bring it by to you tomorrow morning before I go to work. Just e-mail me and let me ~Holly