Friday, March 23, 2007

Damon is Back in the Hospital


I just got an update that Damon has been back in the hospital. He was home for a day and then he spiked a fever and had to return to Pittsburgh. The docs have decided that they need to take a few steps back as far as Damon's TPN...his nutrition that he gets through his central line. For Short Gut kids, this is their main way of getting calories since the lack of small bowel makes it next to impossible to absorb nutrients. Damon's lipids had been taken out of his TPN and this was wonderful news. Lipids are the fats in TPN that wreak havoc on the liver. The docs have decided to add the lipids back's really a catch-22....Damon needs the lipids but at the same time those lipids are damaging his liver. So, that's what I suggest we all pray about....the lipids....that they will not destroy his liver!~

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