Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Evan review

Isabelle finally found a book at the library about a baby in the NICU. She has been asking me to find her one for quite awhile...I'll be honest, looking for a specific book in the kid's section at our local library is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Everytime I go there, I fight the urge to put everything in alphabetical order...drives me nuts!! Well, this past week, Isabelle pulled Evan Early off he shelves and ta-da....she had found her book!!

Evan Early is a book about a little girl who is counting down the days until her little brother Evan comes home from the NICU. Natalie, the big sister, gets to visit her brother in the unit and she sees what a preemie looks like, sees the nurse weigh the diapers and hears the beeps and alarms. The author goes on to write about the time when Evan is really sick and things are really scary for Natalie...
"For two days, Dad and Mom stay away. I'm scared and lonely. Will
Evan Early be okay? What if Mom and Dad forget about me?"
But then, I love this one,
"Finally, Mom stumbles in the door on the third day. Her hair is
flat. She wears the same clothes she did the last time I saw her."
I KNOW you moms out there who have lived the NICU life can relate to that line! lol!! The book ends with Evan still in the NICU. The last two pages are devoted to questions and answers.

Evan Early is written by Rebecca Hogue Wojahn and illustrated by Ned Gannon.


Carrie said...

What an incredible book! I wish we had known about it when Emma was in the hospital to read with Gracie. I'm going to have to remember this book!

Carrie said...

And I forgot to mention I teared up at the lines. I remember those days all too well of my mom and sister coming and going like that.