Friday, May 18, 2007


This past Wednesday marked three years since Izzy's accident. If you haven't visited her site and read her story, you need to! Her mom, Annie, is a wonderful mom and very devoted to Izzy's continued healing. We are praying for her complete healing and look forward with excitement to this happening!

Damon has gained some weight! WooHoo...this is a HUGE biggie for short gut kids! Good news concerning his broviac line too...they were able to draw blood! Another biggie...a lot of times an occluded line means that the line has to be replaced which means another surgery...not fun! Now...his Mic-Key button is causing him some problems so we need to be praying about that issue . Other than the button, Damon is doing well and visiting the docs in Pittsburgh on a regular basis. I'm sure his mom would appreciate some comments at his Caringbridge site!

Sonya goes to church with Aoife's family and she has told me that Aoife seems to be doing very well and the she looks good. I've asked Sonya to write a post with a current update so be looking for that soon!