Saturday, July 28, 2007

Belle Writes About Gus

I'm listening to Darlene Zschech singing Agnus Dei.....Worthy is the Lamb!!

Belle (age 6) is going to be my guest writer now:

Gus was funny. I always used to ride him around in the hospital in the Gus Bus which was a wagon that had little tiny seats in it. I'm glad he liked it because he was giggling the whole time. I taught him how to sign mommy and daddy but he only signed daddy.

One time, I put him in my baby stroller and showed him around the house...oh, he liked it!!

He was my brother and it's hard for me to let my brother die. I'm glad he's in Heaven because he needs to have good health and now that he is in Heaven he is healed and doesn't need a new liver.

When I see Gus in Heaven, I'm going to hug him and say I missed you very bad! How about let's go play in your Heaven bedroom!

Break my heart....I really miss this little guy!

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Sonya said...

Ok, you didn't tell me that crying would be involved with these posts!

What a sweet girl! It's wonderful that she remembers so many times with her little brother, even though his little life was so short. He obviously made a huge impact on his siblings!