Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Prayer Chain

This is the Prayer Chain I made while Gus was in the hospital before he died. I keep it on our mantle as a reminder to me of God's answered prayers...He answered them all. Sometimes, He didn't answer in the way I wanted Him to but He did answer. If I had started this chain when we checked in the hospital the last time, I would have a much bigger heap of chain. I only thought about this toward the end of Gus' life. I had it taped to the wall and the nurses knew that when I came into Gus' room that I would want to know which links I could add to the chain. They were great and so understanding....I miss those gals!

Here's a link that says "Dopamine Down"...when Gus' Dopamine level was lowered, I added this strip of paper to the chain. I had a good twenty strips with specific prayer requests written on them. A lot of times, prayer requests were duplicated because his need for meds would be different hourly...I really wish that he could have gotten a transplant....

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