Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where All the Crafty Goodness Happens...

I thought you all might like to see where all of the "Crafty Goodness" takes place when we're working on Gus' Gang quilts. Disregard the clutter time to clean...I'm blogging!! lol!!

This is my main table...I got this from FreeCycle! It's perfect for working quilts and other crafts. I use a dish drainer to hold my pattern books and rulers.

And here's all the Gus' Gang stuff that we use to put together our G.U.S. boxes and quilts. See how I have everything labeled...I'm very proud of myself!!

These are some finished quilts that are ready to be taken to the hospital or mailed out. The shelves underneath are quilts that are in various stages that need to be completed so we can move them up to the "ready to go out" shelf!

We focus on making quilts for children who are chronically ill or medically fragile. If you know of child who would like a quilt, please e-mail me and let me know. It would be our honor and privilege to create a quilt especially for that child!!

Did you know that when you sponsor me that you don't need the money upfront? After the Blogathon, you will receive info about how to make your payment!! That's neat...I thought you had to have the money NOW!!

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Stephanie said...

Just checking in... How are you feeling? Only 12.5 hours to go!