Saturday, July 28, 2007

Noah Update

Since the last update, Noah has being doing a lot! He got to leave the hospital and go back to the Ronald McDonald House with his mommy. Then he got to celebrate his big sister's birthday! Fun!!

After all that excitement, Noah had to check back into Club Med (the hospital) because he was sick...not from doing too much mind you! The docs are uncertain as of right now if Noah is sick because of an infection or if he is rejecting his new heart. If he is rejecting, there are treatments. It's just tricky figuring out what little ones like him are actually doing!! These are tough and feisty kids!!

So, we've been praying for Noah to get his transplant but the praying doesn't end now that he has a new heart. As you can see, this little guy still needs our prayers.

Feel free to grab the button that Judi created and place it on your blog to remind you to pray. Just be sure to save the image on your own computer...thanks!!

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Hi! I'm your blogathon monitor, just popping in to say hello!! Keep up the great work, I'll be back later :-)