Sunday, July 01, 2007

Meet Tyler!

You all, this little guy is a real trooper...forget that he's cute as all get out...he's one tough little dude!! This is Tyler...Noah's cousin. He is a 25 weeker...also known as a micro-preemie. He is one little amazing guy to have endured all that he has gone through....

Because he was born so early he has developed a level 3 and level 4 Brain Bleeds, Hydrocephalus which required the placement of a reservoir, an unclosed heart valve (PDA), and stage 3 ROP eye disease with Rush disease.

Tyler's mom, Nancy, writes the most wonderful posts about life with a micro-preemie. You'll find encouragement in her posts...she writes from her heart and that can be a true encouragement to other mothers. In fact, I'm sure that Nancy has been a HUGE encouragement to Noah's mom and to her sister...I'll be introducing them in the next post!

I love this one...

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