Sunday, July 29, 2007

RMH Kitchen and Dining Room

This is where I developed my addiction to brownies and learned to embrace lasagna! Almost every night, a local community group would bring in dinner for those of us staying at the RMH. It was so thoughtful...but they ALWAYS brought lasagna. We started calling it "Manna Two" because like the manna that God daily provide his people, we were daily provided lasagna. Needless to say, we got tired of lasagna after awhile...I felt horrible about that because the people bringing it in really were trying to take care of us. So remember...if you want to take a dinner to your local RMH, try to stay away from lasagna!!

This is the dining area. We met a lot of interesting people around that table. One of the fun memories I have is learning American Sign Language from one of the volunteers...we would meet at the table twice a week during our second stay at the RMH. Our tutor was named Hannah and she was so sweet...I'll always remember her and her willingness to help us learn ASL.

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