Monday, July 09, 2007

Do You Know What This Is?

This would be our itty bitty Noah after his HEART TRANSPLANT!!!! I am thrilled beyond belief to be able to tell you all that Noah received his new heart on July 7th. The last update I saw he was critical but stable.

Now folks, it's time for us to switch our prayer focus...let's pray that Noah's body will accept this new organ and that he will not have any complications due to rejection. Continue to pray for his family, what an incredible roller coaster ride! I am so excited!!

Let us also praise and thank God for this heart and also for the beautiful act of the donor family. Also, let us remember that family who is grieving so much right now....

I know Noah's mom would love for you to visit Noah's blog!


TobyBo said...

prayers from here and on my way to say hi at the blog. Thanks for your work here!

Manila Mom said...

I'll be adding my prayers for Noah, too. And for your loving support, I have awarded you the Thoughtful Blogger Award. Come and get it! :D

Matthias Köbrich said...

good luck to you! hope everything will be fine. shocking pic... makes me thinking a lot.
nevertheless, have a nice day

zunnur said...

Looking at the pictures in your blog makes me feel so thankful to God with the health given to me which I don't normally realize. I'm hoping so much that Noah will get well soon.