Monday, July 30, 2007

Urgent Prayer Request For Noah

Noah's mom wrote this yesterday. Please take some time to go encourage this family and let's storm Heaven with prayers for little Noah!! Noah recently received a heart transplant. Feel free to grab the "Pray for Noah" button to place on your blog...just make sure to save it to your computer...

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Noah is back in the ICU on a ventilator. They are keeping him very sedated at the moment as they are trying to get an art line then tomorrow they will do another PICC (on top of the 2 IVs he currently has).
They believe the blood transfusion he received caused him to develope TRALI : Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury. I'm typing this on my phone so I can't link to any information on it but if you Google ''TRALI'' it brings up lots of info on it.
Right now he' covered in hives on the inside and the outside. Benedryl doesn't help and they started Steriod treatment which will also treat the rejection they now believe he's been having (sometimes a mom just knows). The steriods are also causing high blood sugar so they have to give him insulin on top of all the other drugs.
He's in criticle condition and is super super sick. Infection, Rejection, Fluid imbalance, and now TRALI.
This feels like it did the day before he got his heart. When he was really sick and we didn't know when he would get a heart and if it would be in time... Feels more like a sick road instead of a recovery road. But Noah is strong. He's proven time after time that he can beat the odds and pull through. He's my hero. And if he can be strong, then so can I.

Links about TRALI:

American Red Cross


melody is slurping life said...

What a beautiful ministry you've begun here. My prayers are going up for Gus'Gang and more specifically I have just visited and prayed for Noah.

Thank you for what you are doing here.

Stacey said...

You've got it, girl. And Noah. May the Lord wrap his loving arms around this little guy, his family, everyone who knows him and lift him. xo Stacey