Sunday, July 29, 2007

Great Grayson!

Oh Grayson...what a dear sweet little guy you are!! Grayson's mom, Judi, has been such an encouragement to me over this past year. Not only has she helped me with Gus' Gang but she has been there for me as I have grieved the loss of Gus. We actually met through Gus' Caringbridge site and immediately became friends. God knew exactly what I needed!

Grayson is a micro-preemie and is doing really well. He recently had tubes placed in his ears and all seems to be going well now. His mommy takes very good care him and his big sister watches out for him too! Take a look at these photos....he's a miracle!

From this:

to this (one of my favorite sweet!)

to this! See what I mean? He really is a miracle kid!! I love his little toes in this photo...

Btw, Judi is responsible for this wonderful template from BlueBirds blogs and she is also my "button lady"....she makes all of our prayer buttons for sidebars! Thanks a million, Judi!!

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Anonymous said...

You are too sweet Jenny. I love you!