Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thirteen Things About Gus

Thirteen things you may not have known about Gus...

  • His real name is Henry Larsen
  • His favorite show was the Doodle Bops
  • He liked to sleep on his right side
  • He has had 9 surgeries
  • His favorite book was "Lunch" by Denise Fleming
  • He had a huge meltdown Christmas morning!
  • His tears were yellow
  • He would go through @ 20 diapers a day
  • He loved to have his hair washed but not his body!
  • He would have trouble bending in the mornings
  • One night I failed to turn his TPN pump on and I starved him...but he forgave me! (I thought I had turned it on but the button had not been pressed hard enough...I didn't just forget him!)
  • He loved to have his central line dressing changed...he liked the smell of the chloraprep.


  • This is gross but pretty says his surgeon...Gus passed 5 of his sutures from his bowel resection!! And we still have them! lol!!

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Nesting Momma said...

wow so beautiful. I was off line yesterday but wanted to stop by to say hi. I love your 13 things about Gus. I can't wait to read more. Can you post a link as to were we can donated in the future twords your ministry? Blessings, Donna