Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Noah Moves Up the List!

I’ve just read that Noah has been bumped up on the transplant list! This news is really good but also not so good…ahhhh….life on the transplant list. You see, the sicker Noah gets then the higher he goes up the list. Right now he is listed as a 1A…I’m not sure how the heart list is set up but that’s as high as you can be on the liver list. Also, Noah may need to have another surgery that would help protect his lungs.

So, all you prayer warriors out there, let’s all pray that his mom gets the “call” really soon and that this potential upcoming surgery will be successful.

Also, Noah’s mom has been meeting people at the Ronald McDonald House who are post-transplant. What a huge encouragement this is to her…I thank God for places like the RMH and I thank Him too that he has brought these people across Crystal’s path. I love how God works!

Be sure to zip on over to Noah’s blog for all the details!

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Nancy Brown said...

Not only did Noah move up the list but he got A NEW HEART!!!! Crys hasn't updated her blog just yet but latest news is stable but critical.!!!!!!!

A special thanks and thinking of you to the mom who donated her childs organs. What a selfless gift!!!!!