Saturday, July 28, 2007

Izzy Update!

I have to be the biggest heel in the whole world for missing Izzy's birthday! She's a big five year old gal now!! Here is one of the sweetest photos I've seen....this is her granddad singing Happy Birthday to precious is that?!

For those of you new to Gus' Gang, Izzy experienced a near-drowning a few years ago. Her mom, Annie, has written Izzy's story and you can find it HERE. This family is such an inspiration to me....Annie is such a godly woman full of strength and love. She is collecting "Believe" signs because she believes that Izzy will be healed...I believe that too!!

Join us here at Gus' Gang as we pray for this special gal!!

Have I mentioned that I'm $30 away form $300?? Please consider sponsoring me! I'm blogging COTA (Children's Organ Transplant Association)

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Stephanie said...

You are doing SO GREAT! Keep it up, girl!